Award-Winning Marketing by Experienced Finance Executives

We develop and launch your marketing strategy and continuously optimize your campaign to return investor dollars through our FINRA-Registered Broker-Dealer Partners and SEC-Qualified Platform

Corporate Strategy

25+ Years Corporate Governance Structure Advisory

Setting you up to succeed from the foundational structure of your company to breaking out IP and advising on board of governance

Marketing Strategy

Developing a Story for Your Company that Performs with Investors

Storytelling is the ultimate differentiator in today’s capturing of attention and creating excitement with a community of customers and investors

Real-Time Performance & Reporting

Data and Analytics that Drives Authentic Campaign Value for a Successful Fundraise

We leverage our years of marketing strategy and execution to build true digital value for your company as part of a powerful, multifaceted marketing campaign to raise funding from both accredited and non-accredited investors


We have 25+ years experience of success as marketing and fundraising advisors

Our team includes multiple CFOs and MBAs, with experience in finance and marketing across a range of industries, with deep networks in Newport Beach/Beverly Hills/Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY, and Miami, FL.

Fundraising As A Service™

We provide the most effective way for founders to fund their companies, which we call: Fundraising As A Service™.
Receive fully-compliant funding while retaining full control of your company and your vision.

Expert Advisory

Our team provides advisory in the form of Corporate Governance, Due Diligence, Access to our Unparalleled Network, Executive Placement, Marketing Strategy, and Go-to-Market Commercialization.

Full Dashboard and Investor Platform

Full End-to-End Build-Out, Facilitating the entire transaction from beginning to end, including Cap Table management.

Full End-to-End Marketing

Award-Winning, In-House Marketing Team
ScaleX partners with Expert Marketing Companies that will Design & Launch the marketing campaign to the public for offering into your company across all major digital media channels.

Take Your Company to the Next Level by Partnering with FlowX Capital to Develop and Launch your Fundraising Marketing Campaign in Compliance with SEC and FINRA Regulatory Guidelines using Licensed Broker-Dealer Partners where necessary.

Mathew McCoy

Co-Founder & CEO

Matt McCoy is an innovative leader continuing his work in supporting entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Matt has decades of business development and leadership experience, having also been the CEO & Founder of RaiseX retail partner of The Outpost, CEO & Founder of The Credit Community Center helping hundreds of Companies with their Structure, Debt, and Funding.  Matt founded his own Branch of American Home Loans in his mid 20’s and went on to become the Award-Winning Founder of EZ Marketing, as well as an International CEO including Founder of Waterman’s Surf & Sport in Costa Rica. Matt started his first successful Company, Mobile Bicycle Maintenance & Repair, when he was only 16 and has been a serial entrepreneur ever since. Matt graduated High School in just 3 years, attended 5 years of college at Saddleback, Orange Coast and Cuesta College.  He is a certified Tow-In Surfer from the University of Hawaii and is passionate about serving others.

Ryan Jacobs

Co-Founder & COO

A tenured CFO, COO, and VP Finance, Ryan has worked directly with company owners and executives for over 15 years, including Forbes Midas List VCs and companies that have been acquired for $350MM.  Ryan first worked in venture capital in Beverly Hills in 2013 and most recently served as VP Finance at Thermal Ventures in Santa Monica, California in 2018, and VP Finance at Composite Ventures in Manhattan Beach, California from 2020-2022.  Ryan graduated with Honors from the Whitman Business School at Syracuse University studying Supply Chain Management, and went on to complete his MBA graduate degree from the UCLA Anderson School of Management in 2015.  Ryan is a Founding Partner of Ananda Resort in Dominical, Costa Rica and is an avid yoga practitioner, basketball player, and golfer. Ryan values freedom and health and is based in Miami Beach, Florida.

Questions and answers


Do you invest directly in my company?

No, FlowX Capital is not an investment fund and does not invest directly into our clients’ companies. FlowX facilitates your fundraise by providing the Marketing services that powers crowd-based capital fundraises.


Who are the investors?

Everyday people have been investing small amounts of money in public fundraise offerings since 2016. FlowX Capital creates and launches your Marketing Campaign, targeting your fundraise at both accredited and non-accredited investors, who are US citizens of all demographics, who invest using an “Invest Now” button provided by our SEC-regulated platform partner.
If we feel your opportunity is a fit for our private network of vetted investors, we may make those introductions, as well.


How do I check FlowX’s performance?

We provide all our clients with real-time analytics dashboard for campaign performance monitoring and management. These provide clear KPIs such as ROAS, average dollars per investment, and total funds raised.

FlowX Capital works with SEC-Compliant partners including Registered Agents and Investment Brokers where required.

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